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SQL Basics

Course:  SQL Basics for Business Users
This instructor-led two-day SQL Server course focuses on the essential SQL skills of working with tables and writing queries using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).  Delivery: On-Site   Format: Hands-On 2 Days   Prerequisite: None

Who Should Attend
This course is ideal for business users just starting to work with SQL Server DBs.  No prior SQL experience is required;  topics are explained and illustrated with examples;  hands-on exercises help develop new skills.

Examples and Exercises
Most of the SQL statements and techniques presented are illustrated with examples.  Exercises are based on real-world experience and reinforce core principles.

Course Topics (2 Days):
•  SQL and MS SQL Server
•  Data types and formats
•  Creating and loading tables
•  Modifying data in tables
•  Writing basic queries
•  Column and table aliases
•  Filtering query results
•  Operators and expressions
•  Sorting query results
•  Grouping and aggregation
•  Using JOIN and UNION
•  Built-in functions
•  IN, LIKE, and CASE
•  Keys, indexes and views