At Your Level
My courses target specific
SQL skill sets:  What you
need, when you need it.
What's your SQL skill level?
  • Novice:  Basic queries, tables,
    views, aggregation, basic data
    modification, built-in functions.
  • Analyst:  Multi-table queries,
    CTEs, basic subqueries, stored
    procedures, UDFs, indexes.
  • PowerUser:  Complex queries
    & subqueries, performance,
    automation & logging, ETL.
  • Advanced:  Need advanced
    instructor-led SQL training?
    Let's talk: 
Related Info
SQL Skills

Over time I have found that the SQL skill levels of most business users fall into three categories:  Novice, Analyst, and PowerUser.

To advance to the next level, you need to become familiar with the "Breakthrough Skills" that define boundaries between levels.

For more info, read my post:
Breakthrough SQL Skills

What You Need,
When You Need It

My courses focus on the most important SQL skills you need so you can move to the next level:

For details, click on a course. Or check out course docs.