T‑SQL Programming
Turn your manual scripts into
automated logged procedures
Skill Level: Analyst
Turn your manual scripts
into stored procedures
that run overnight.
T‑SQL Programming covers:
  • Review of T‑SQL Basics
  • Using Subqueries & CTEs
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Logging & Error Handling
  • Automating with SQL Agent
  • Data Mart ETL Basics
  • Performance Basics
Course Details
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T‑SQL Programming
2-Day Course
Course Name:
T‑SQL Programming
MS SQL Server 2012-2017
Course Format:
Live Instructor, Hands On
Course Duration:
Two Days (9AM to 5PM)
Course Delivery:
On-Site Only
Content of T‑SQL Basics
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T‑SQL Programming
This two-day course focuses on subqueries & CTEs, advanced data modification, programming with stored procedures and user-defined functions, logging, error-handling and automation.
  • Every topic has examples
    and runnable scripts.
  • Hands-on exercises
    reinforce new skills.
  • A basic design challenge
    helps develop skills.
Course Docs
T-SQL Programming - Course Outline
T‑SQL Programming
  Course Outline
T-SQL Programming - Content Sample
T‑SQL Programming
  Sample Content
Who Should Attend?
T‑SQL Programming
T‑SQL Programming is for business SQL users with query-writing experience who want to improve and automate their code using stored procedures, user-defined functions, and scheduled jobs.
This course focuses on the key SQL skills needed to start building automated Data Mart ETL systems for reporting and analysis.
NOTE:  To attend this course, you need hands-on experience with all or most of the topics in my course, T‑SQL Basics.