T‑SQL Performance
Optimize the efficiency of your
T‑SQL queries & ETL code
Skill Level: PowerUser
If you're serious about
writing efficient SQL,
this course is for you.
T‑SQL Performance covers:
  • System, Memory & Version
  • Primary Keys and Indexes
  • Query Tuning Basics
  • Reviewing Execution Plans
  • Other Data Model Factors
  • Stored Procedures and UDFs
  • Bulk-Logged Operations
  • Transactions & Wait States
  • Table Partitioning
Course Details
SSMS Monitor
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T‑SQL Performance
2-Day Course
Course Name:
T‑SQL Performance
MS SQL Server 2012-2017
Course Format:
Live Instructor, Hands-On
Course Duration:
Two Days (9AM to 5PM)
Course Delivery:
On-Site Only (Available Soon)
Content of T‑SQL Programming
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T‑SQL Performance
This course covers a variety of performance techniques: indexes, execution plans & query tuning, stored procedures and UDFs, bulk-logged operations, transactions & wait states, and more.
Topics are illustrated with code examples, runnable scripts and hands-on exercises. Basic tuning challenges allow students to practice the new techniques they learn in the course.
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Course Docs
T-SQL Performance: Course Outline
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T‑SQL Performance
Course Outline
T-SQL Performance: Content Sample
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T‑SQL Performance
Sample Content
Who Should Attend?
T‑SQL Performance
T‑SQL Performance is for business users with solid T‑SQL experience who need to quickly isolate issues and optimize the performance of their queries and ETL code.
The course focuses on design and tuning methods used in scenarios that users often run into when working with T‑SQL.
NOTE:  To attend this course, you need hands-on experience with all or most of the topics in my course, T‑SQL Programming.