T‑SQL Basics
Start building your analytical
foundation with T‑SQL skills
Skill Level: Novice
Do you need to learn how
to work with SQL Server?
This course is for you!
T‑SQL Basics covers:
  • Data Types & Formats, CAST
  • Creating & Populating Tables
  • Modifying Data in Tables
  • Query Structure & Processing
  • Filtering & Sorting Result Sets
  • Built-In Functions, Aggregation
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Multi-Table Queries (JOIN & UNION)
  • Using Views and Indexes
  • SQL Server Mgmt Studio (SSMS)
Course Details
Databases and Folders
T‑SQL Basics
2-Day Course
Course Name:
T‑SQL Basics
MS SQL Server 2012-2017
Course Format:
Live Instructor, Hands-On
Course Duration:
Two Days (9AM to 5PM)
Course Delivery:
On-Site Only
T‑SQL Basics
This two-day hands-on course focuses on the essential SQL skills of working with tables, writing queries and modifying data using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  • No prior SQL experience
    is required.
  • Every topic has examples
    and runnable scripts.
  • Hands-on exercises
    reinforce new skills.
Course Docs
T-SQL Basics Outline
T‑SQL Basics
  Course Outline
T-SQL Basics Sample
T‑SQL Basics
  Sample Content
Who Should Attend?
T‑SQL Basics
T‑SQL Basics is designed for business users new to using SQL.
Analysts, BI specialists, project managers and report designers, in finance, sales, marketing, operations and IT can benefit from learning how to work with SQL Server.
This course has been designed specifically to teach beginner to novice users of SQL Server how to access a database, work with tables, write queries, and modify data.