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SQL Training

Essential Skills
Whether you're an experienced SQL Server user or just starting out, you know that being able to access and work with data is essential.  Your ability to monitor status, analyze trends, and isolate issues is the key to your success; it's your personal competitive advantage.  Shouldn't that ability be built on a solid SQL base?

SQL for Non-IT Professionals
SQL is no longer the exclusive domain of full-time developers.  My courses are for others who work directly with SQL Server databases, including analysts, project managers, and reporting and BI specialists in finance, marketing, sales, customer service ... pretty much every department in firms across industries, from high-tech to finance to health care.

2 Days:  Max Learning, Min Time
Let's be clear: attending a Four Diamond SQL course is no "easy week."  I pack a lot of learning into my two-day courses, so you can get back to work and start using - and increasing - your new SQL skills right away.