Out of Nowhere
All you did was run your
daily report.  Why did the
system cut you off?
A deadlock is serious business:
  • The Issue:  Two or more processes
    try to access data that's already
    locked by the other.
  • The Cause:  Reports pull data from
    OLTP DB tables during the business
    day, when demand is highest.
  • The Result:  To break up the logjam
    and get things moving again, SQL
    Server has to drop a connection.
  • The Solution:  Set up Data Mart ETL
    to run overnight and populate static
    tables, which can then be the data
    source for daytime reporting.
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Data Mart
ETL Basics

You don't have to be a SQL Server technical guru to know that too much database contention causes problems. Like random deadlocks.

Fortunately, implementing Data Mart ETL can reduce the pressure on your database and keep things running smoothly.

For details, read my post:
Data Mart ETL Basics

How to Fix
Those Reports

Random deadlocks are just one of several common problems that impact reporting and analysis.

Other common issues include Erratic Results, Slow Response, and Convoluted Code.

Proper use of Data Mart ETL can go a long way toward eliminating all of these problems. It really is a multi-faceted solution.