Let's Clean It Up
After years of ad-hoc code
changes, sometimes a
clean slate is the best fix.
Causes of convoluted code:
  • Band-Aids & Bolt-Ons:  A quick fix
    here, a minor enhancement there,
    can make things hard to support.
  • Too Many Cooks:  User turnover
    and IT staff rotation lead to report
    code that's a jumble of methods,
    recipes, shortcuts, and hacks.
  • Weak Source Control:  The code
    file "chain of custody" is sacrificed
    to the need for quick fixes.
  • SQL Skill Gap:  Business users
    have limited ability to acquire,
    process and analyze complex
    data from multiple DBs.
Related Info

It can take a lot of effort to "do things right" when that means figuring out convoluted and undocumented legacy report code.

But issues add up over time, and eventually it's time for an overhaul. How can you make sure your code stays clean from now on?

The keys are to 1) Use Data Mart ETL to establish a stable code base, and 2) Document coding standards in a data dictionary.


Managing your reporting code can become a challenge when multiple people work on it over time. Especially if they have varying skill levels.

One thing that can help is to create and document standard methods for including key metrics and other items in reports.

Another area to consider is SQL Training for the people who develop and maintain your reporting code base.