SQL Experience
Over 20 years of experience
with Data Mart ETL systems
SQL is Good
As you may have guessed,
I like SQL. Big fan. Huge!
(Ok, so I'm a data geek.)
Here's why I like SQL so much:
  • It helps you turn piles of data into
    useful information.
  • It's the type of back-end DB used
    in most business systems.
  • It's defined and maintained as an
    active standard that's evolving.
  • It's easy to learn (though mastery
    does require a lot of practice).
  • You don't need fancy tools to
    use it (but some are very useful).
SQL Server Is Good
Reasons I like SQL Server:
  • It's a full-featured, robust DBMS
    that can hold its own against any
    competitor, including Oracle.
  • New releases introduce some big
    improvements every two years.
  • Microsoft provides free Express
    editions, a low-cost full-function
    Developer edition (free since 2016),
    and lots of free training.
  • All editions except Express
    include SSIS, SSRS, & SSAS,
    at no extra cost.
  • There's a large and supportive
    community of experts.
My Background
My skills are versatile.
They allow me to solve
a wide range of issues.

Degrees Earned:

  • MIT, BS, Nuclear Science &
    Engineering (1978)
  • University of Chicago, MBA,
    Marketing Mgmt. (1982)

Courses Developed:

Sample Client Projects:

  • IT Technical Staffing Services
  •   Data integration, Data Mart
    ETL (SQL Server).
  •   Built ETL, doubled query speed
    on a dozen reports.
  •   Re-built Data Mart ETL to
    source from new CRM app.
  • Healthcare Data Warehousing
  •   ETL software for health care,
    clients (SQL Server).
  •   Integrated third-party data
    source into ETL design.
  • Retail Merchandise Analytics
  •   Member of team testing ETL
    component (Oracle).
  •   Designed & automated tests
    of software releases.
  • State Physician Licensing Agency
  •   Web application back-end
    DB development (SQL Server).
  •   Data modeling, DB design, ETL,
    replication, performance.
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  •   Fixed & upgraded user-built
    Data Mart ETL (SQL Server).
  •   Replaced monthly reload with
    daily incremental update.
  •   Modified ETL to source from
    new Data Warehouse.
  • ATM Cash Network Software
  •   Wrote code to run 2-year
    weekly forecast (SQL Server).
  •   Integrated new code smoothly
    into existing product.

Previous Employers:

  • Pharma Information Programs
  •   Developed OLAP Data Mart
    ETL for clients (Oracle).
  •   Extensive use of PL/SQL in
    Data Mart ETL.
  • Email Campaign Automation
  •   Developed data load & extract
    procedures (SQL Server).
  •   Streamlined and automated
    bulk-load process for testing.
  • Footwear Manufacturer
  •   Developed and supported
    data warehouse (Oracle).
  •   Used BI tools to build reports,
    wrote ETL code in PL/SQL.