The Basics
If it isn't golf-related, it's a
classic novel, Netflix film,
or science book.
  • Why is golf the ultimate escape?
    For 4+ hours, your biggest problem
    is knocking a white ball into a hole.
  • I read a lot. Mostly for work, but I
    like to relax with a great novel:
    Gravity's Rainbow, 100 Years of
    Solitude, Infinite Jest, 2666.
  • A great film can really move me:
    Sunset Boulevard, A Beautiful Mind,
    Philadelphia, Annie Hall, Gravity.
  • (Nerd alert) Ever since college, I've
    been trying to decipher quantum
    mechanics and black holes. I'll let
    you know if I ever get it …
Related Info
Sefton, Sawyer
& Slothrop

Sgt. J. J. Sefton (Stalag 17, 1953) is beaten up by fellow POWs, but ends up their hero after exposing the actual spy.

James Ford aka Sawyer (Lost, 2004-10) travels 30 years into the past and back before finally leaving the island along with Kate and Claire.

Tyrone Slothrop (Gravity's Rainbow, 1973) gets dragged through postmodernist hell, searching for something he can never find.

The Pleasure of
Playing Golf

Yeah, I know … It's probably true that people who hate golf vastly outnumber those of us who love it.

I won't try to change their opinion. Golf is not for everyone. Some days I even think, "Why bother?" But I stick with it.

Even on a bad day, playing golf gives me a sense of peace. And after not playing for a while, I miss it … that's why there's The Golf Channel!